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Is ginseng reduced fatigue symptoms?

Many patients who are receiving cancer treatment, suffer from fatigue. One American study found that ginseng can alleviate the chronic fatigue.fatigue symptoms

Fatigue is an enormously increased exhaustion, which often occurs as a side effect of cancer therapy. An American study has now investigated the effect of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) on the symptoms. Professor Debra L. Barton of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota presented the results of the Phase III study in the meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in June 2012. It showed that high dose of ginseng, administered over two months, could reduce the fatigue better than a placebo. Participants from the ginseng group reported that they feel less exhausted, worn out, tired and listless.

In the study 364 patients receiving cancer therapy or they had already behind him, daily received either 2000 milligrams of pure ginseng or placebo. The severity of fatigue was measured by the MFI (Multidimensional Fatigue Symptom Inventory). After four weeks, the first effects of ginseng preparation shows a results. The MFSI was significantly higher than in the patients in the placebo group (8.2) in the group receiving the ginseng, with 14.4. After eight weeks, the difference was even higher at 20.0 versus 10.3 points. Especially those patients, who receiving another cancer therapy get benefit. Virtually there are no side effects.

Ginseng can boost defenses.

Approximately 90 percent of all cancer patients, unfortunately, under Fatigue. It is believed that the chronic depletion is caused by an increase of the cytokines, inflammatory mediators of the immune system, and that the regulation of the stress hormone cortisol in these patients does not work sufficiently. In animal studies it has been shown, that the active ingredients of ginseng can reduce the concentration of cytokines and regulate cortisol levels.

The health benefits of ginseng have been already demonstrated in several studies. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the salutary effect of ginseng for more than 2000 years is known. The root has a generally strengthening effect and is also used for diabetes, memory disorders and skin diseases such as eczema. Particularly in times of change such as hormonal change or great stress Ginseng is able to mobilize the body’s defenses. In addition, ginseng is said to have a harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul.