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Is tap water better than bought water?

Tap water often contains more minerals than purchased water. In addition, a serious bacterial contamination was found in some bottled purchased water.Tap water

29 still mineral water and tap water were compared with one another. The comparison showed that tap water often contains more minerals than bought still water.Only one of the water purchased contained a mineral content which is high enough to provide bones with calcium and magnesium with muscles, so the consumer protection. But this mineral water contains little sodium and is therefore unsuitable for example for athletes.

Another problem is the microbial load that has been found in many bottles. Although this is harmless to healthy people, however, could result in patients and infants to health problems. In more than one third of the tested in water was found problematic burden with germs. For baby food bottled water should be boiled. Positive note is the decrease of acetaldehyde from the plastic bottles that can be solved from the plastic and go into the water. This was previously not often available, but is now only a few water bottles to find.