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Is there a best time for meals?

The question of whether a sumptuous dinner makes more fat than a calorie lunch is controversial. There are many nutrition myths, and each has spontaneously ready a scientific explanation. But does it really matter what time of day a meal is taken?

Right time for mealsAt night, the metabolism slows down, so that our body need more time for the nutrients made available to him,to incorporate into the tissue. That is the theory. Thus, it would be logical to take the last meal before the metabolism shuts down. Exist a lot of opinions when exactly that will be separate. Recommend some “experts” from 17 clock nothing to eat, others set the deadline generously to 20 clock.

The results of other studies, however, indicate that the timing of meals is not decisive for whether increases or decreases the overall balance of the daily calories. Who eats more than it consumes, increases if he’s now morning, afternoon or evening took the surplus of calories.

The right balance at the best time for meals.

Some nutritionists recommend programs, evening no carbs, only protein-rich food to eat. The basic idea of this diet models will at least go in the right direction. It is crucial when we eat, but also crucial what. Who habitually destroyed chips in the evening for the feature film, has more than necessary fat reserves. But the same would be in the case, if he would eat a bag of chips for breakfast. Only when the energy balance at the end of the day is at plus minus zero, you do not get taken more than your body can burn, the fat deposits will not grow. For someone who has already indulged in a grand breakfast, a hearty lunch and a variety of snacks for in between, but would still lose weight, the question doesn’t arise just like that, maybe you need consultation.