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Limb pain can have many causes

Headache and body aches most people are well known because they are among the frequent companions of a cold or flu. In addition, it can also be a symptom of another disease. If the cause is known, you can, sometimes even, help to fight against annoying pain.

Limb painBasically, all pain is summarized under the term joint pain emanating from muscle, joint or bone and relate to the extremities. They can occur in both arms, hands and fingers and in the legs, feet and toes. Not always, however, all limbs are affected simultaneously. Depending on the cause joint pain can also be symmetrically and confined to the arms or legs or occur only in certain extremities. In addition, joint pain may be temporary or chronic. There are felt very weak and little disturbing in some cases, but in other cases the drawing pains massively impair the general welfare, and that is do not run usually constant, but progress slowly.

The most common causes of limb pain.

Although they can cause pain in the limbs, of which most arms and legs are affected equally next influenza infections and other infections such as measles, mumps or TBE. Another cause of joint pain can be diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism and gout, but where the pain usually remain confined to individual limbs. But neuropathies, such as nerve damage or inflammation of the nerves come as a cause of pain in the limbs it is a question. This may include individual nerves in the extremities, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or nerves from the spine, as the sciatic nerve, to be responsible for the pain. However, while body aches occur only temporarily due to an infection and disappear with the decay of the infection as neuropathic pain can be chronic. If persistent also experience body aches as a companion to other underlying diseases such as diabetes mellitus or circulation disorders and in cases of poisoning or alcohol abuse.

Treatment options for joint pain.

Depending on the cause,available different treatments for body aches . Thus, with the most common rheumatic pains in the framework helps to infection, especially quietly help the body fight infection. Depending on whether you feel more heat or cold than pleasant, even warm baths with herbs supplements can help, for example, as rheumatism bathroom or cold and flu to distribute the limbs. But also soothing tea or cool wraps are useful measures against body aches. In addition, severe pain can be alleviated with appropriate analgesics in the short term. Are body aches However symptom of severe infections, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, neuropathy or other underlying diseases, a doctor should always be consulted as an individual therapy is required here.