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Long-term help for dry lips

Especially in the cold season, many people are struggling with dry and chapped lips. The reasons are as varied as the solutions offered by the cosmetics industry. What really helps, is already to be found in most kitchen shelves.

The most common cause of dry lips is simply dehydrated. Our body needs from two to three liters of fluid per day, which makes a lack of moisture noticeable on mucous membranes. Equally, for this leads a lack of vitamin B2 and the trace element iron brittle. Furthermore, air heating, air conditioning, wind and cold can dry out the sensitive and largely unprotected lips. Rapid access to one of the many lip care products provides short-term relief, but should not become a habit.

Lip care without addictive.

In fact, quality lipsticks and lip gloss are often better suited for lip than most of Care Lip Balms. Those who do not generally use this type of cosmetics can help his lips with a ingredients from kitchen shelf. Especially beneficial and additionally antibacterial properties have honey. Applied daily for about ten minutes, he helps lips to restore the balance. Even a thin layer of olive oil before bedtime often works wonders. In addition, a homemade scrub with olive oil and sugar with using a soft toothbrush eliminate the excess skin and prepare for the subsequent care. From wind protection, calendula cream and vaseline,will be good, and without necessity repeat every minute. From inside help mineral water, diluted fruit juices and teas as well as foods that contain a lot of iron and vitamin B2 such as organ meats, fish, sesame, green vegetables and whole grains.