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Memory problems no need to be

This situation most people know. You meet someone on the street they know, but they do not remember the name. What is amusing in everyday life, the first indication of a serious health condition can be.

Memory problems The proverbial absent-minded professor is the reason why most people take disturbances of memory performance to be taken lightly. Especially in academic circles mentioned the distraction is taken with humor. Indeed, the probability that the person indulges other thoughts high. But it is also possible that there is a pathological process that requires the medical investigation. It is important to distinguish between disorders of memory and the bad memory problems. Who always had a bad memory, is located in the advancing age also can not remember things better, without therefore being sick. The memory performance degrades obviously, it’s time to see a doctor. Until then, the process may run slowly or spontaneously. Is a disease or an accident of the shutter button, the diagnosis falls usually easier than with slower degradation that can drag on for years.

Take serious diseases always.

A disease is then annealed in rare cases when the symptoms are no longer apparent. Therefore, each patient should observe if the cure might reveal new and unwanted processes. This can also be a loss of memory capacity. Particularly vigilant should all be recovering from head injuries or diseases that affect the blood supply. Who informed the doctor here early, can prevent further aggravation in many cases. Members are therefore also stopped to speak behavioral changes early in order to respond with a swift investigation. A decline in memory performance can of course also occur as part of the aging process without it. Equal to severe disease, such as Alzheimer must act However, these natural aging processes run under regular influence of alcohol accelerates from. In addition, some medications can adversely affect the brain and its performance.

The good memory.

Hereditary and trained habits of factors have an impact on memory performance. Parents can train your memory playing with their children. “I’m packing my suitcase,” is much more than a popular children’s game. In fact, it is an excellent coach attention, which also affects the memory performance positively. Young people having fun on numbers can easily learn to repeat arbitrarily called numbers and the ability to perfect phone numbers. The memory also benefits from new languages. There is much to be a lifetime to learn new languages and to keep up with the timpani vocabulary the brain young. The well-known adage “If you rest you rust”, does have scientific backgrounds.