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Motion sickness, as it is written and what really helps

Motion sickness can affect anyone and persist for several days at worst. There are many tips on how sickness can be avoided. If the symptoms are still there, help a number of tricks to minimize the effects wear off soon and interested parties to continue their journey.

Motion sicknessThe motion sickness is also known as seasickness. They can occur virtually anywhere and no longer just on board a ship. Even before the home computer makes this kind of sickness that is the result of confused perception, not stop. Known to all who have ever canceled a game because they were dizzy. However, most sufferers complain of nausea and headaches during car trips. First of all, who is sitting behind or traveling with the look-facing in the train, can be affected by a sickness. Here are the first signs for quick assistance. Who is vulnerable, should not be afraid to address the consequences of the sickness and ask for another seat itself.

React in time.

A heavy sea even in experienced sailors cause severe sickness. This is actually not a disease as such, but to a misinterpretation of the brain. It may also be that the man flying through evolution only for a short time and can cover long distances on the water. The ability to compensate for the varying substrate and the lack of fixed points, that does not exist. Suffer, at least for most people, not because statistically, about 90% of all people at some point in their lives at least once a sickness. Only babies are almost never involved because their ability to orientation is not yet formed. Children over 2 years of age, however, are particularly sensitive. The first symptoms of motion sickness are:

  • Fatigue and yawning
  • Mild nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

However, the symptoms may worsen quickly if those affected do anything about it and are particularly vulnerable. This can lead to deterioration following:

  • Vomiting
  • Blood pressure
  • Circulatory collapse

What to motion sickness helps.

For motion sickness on the plane following tips apply:

  • Seat in the wings
  • Do not look out the window
  • Not read
  • Sleeping or entertain the motion sickness for healp

The sickness on the ship can weaken with the following tips:

  • The center of the ship remain
  • Do not go below deck, if possible
  • Sleep
  • Light meal eat
  • Go along with the movement of the vessel

Car Drivers should take regular breaks and their suffering passengers have the opportunity to recover. Chewing gum can have a soothing effect in all cases. Superpep travel chewing gum pellets can be used in children over 6 years, included a drug-drug and combine the positive real effects of the drug with the convenient administration of a chewing gum tablets that also acts faster compared to the conventional tablet.

Otherwise, the time-honored travel tablet for the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with milder cases of motion sickness is taken in time still modern and highly recommended prior to travel, especially if the tendency to motion sickness is known.
From Naturopathy Ginger is the drug of choice for travel sickness. In accordance optimized dosage and ginger in drug quality is available as capsules in the pharmac.  So sickness today offers no approach to forego carefree globetrotting, in this sense: A good trip!