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Move everything ready: The first aid kit

The contents of a first aid kit is dependent on the destination of the trip length, the climatic and hygienic conditions and the planned activities on site. Into include medications, bandages and disinfectant for all the cases where self-medication is useful or to allow the way to the nearest doctor.

The first aid kitPharmacies exclusive varied ready-tuned luggage travel-sets are available. Anyone who wants to put together a first aid kit itself, which help the following considerations:

  • Performs the tour to exotic countries with unusual climate and foreign food?
  • What activities are planned? There is an increased risk of injury?
  • What injuries or diseases can treat yourself, when is the essential way to the doctor?
  • The chronically ill should stock up before departure with all the necessary drugs, and these carry hand in hand luggage.

Basic components of a flight pharmacy.

The standard first aid kit for the way into the distance should include at least the following elements:

  • Special ear plugs available for children and adults make for a slow and continuous pressure equalization between the environment and the middle ear, help with pressure compensation during take off and landing and effectively avoid resulting earache.
  • A remedy for motion sickness drugs in the administration chewing gum pellets compared to tablets act faster and may be required amount is also targeted. Those who favor natural alternatives, may agree to the stomach with natural ginger peacefully in a suitable dosage.
  • Particularly on long-haul flights attacks the dry air of the air conditioners to the mucous membranes. The consequences are painful sore throats or even a cold. Therefore, throat lozenges, an antiseptic gargle and possibly a nasal spray are packed. Pastilles with Icelandic moss protect the neck and throat by a moisturizing protective film. Even when nasal spray decongestant and Combinations of care components have proven. Because also cause conjunctivitis in the dry “air plane” occasionally arises, you should take eye drops in single dose.
  • Inevitable, especially when children are traveling, are remedies for insect bites or tick bites. A preparation for acute allergic reactions complements the first aid kit useful.
  • Sunscreen and  preparation containing the active ingredient panthenol optimal as soothing foam formulation for the treatment of acute sunburn are a must.
  • In addition to the universal aspirin, it is advisable to take yet another acceptable painkillers that does not interfere with blood clotting.
  • A thermometer helps to assess symptoms of disease.
  • Remedy for stomach problems, diarrhea or constipation help in the short term or bridge the way to the doctor.

Attention tropical conditions!

Uncomfortable and not safe are diarrheal pathogens that are absorbed by water and food. Sometimes the ancient  rule does not protect that dictates the selection of food to peel them, boil or consistently to give up some groceries. Although some anti-diarrhea inhibit short bowel function, but are not recommended for long term use. Other preparations disinfect the intestine and can, if necessary, more frequently and are necessary for a longer period of time. Tropical institute or specialists recommend for malaria prevention, depending on the risk area an effective and free of side effects as possible preparation. In hot climates, it is advisable to carry an additional insecticide-treated mosquito net. This is complemented by insect repellent spray, as well as some other diseases spread by insects or arachnids. The repellent is definitely with your hand luggage.