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Office work: a sedentary lifestyle can be caused illness.

The sitting for long periods isn’t conducive of our health as we all know . But how can we move more if we exercise an office job? Even small but regular exercise units could have a positive effect. But what and how? We give you practical tips for more movement in the office that will support your health.
Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle promotes the formation of unhealthy white fat.

In concrete terms, the risk to our health with a lack of exercise is manifested in the fact that our bodies are increasingly filled with unhealthy white fat from accumulating at the expense of healthier brown fat. Brown fat is a heat-generating type of fat that burns energy instead of storing it, what eg plays a major role in weight control.

The fact that long sitting weakens the health, showed an analysis of 18 studies (which total almost 800,000 people included), according to which the likelihood that adults get a very pronounced sedentary lifestyle diabetes and heart disease, was twice as high compared to more active subjects.

According to earlier studies, some groups of people should tend to have more brown fat than other people, for example:

  • Lean people have more brown fat than overweight people
  • Younger people have more brown fat than older people
  • People with normal blood sugar levels have more brown fat than those with high blood sugar
  • Physical activity helps “white” fat in the healthy “brown” fat convert – so stay active!

Tips for more movement in the office.

At first glance it seems to be impossible. However, there are also in the office everyday leeway, which we can use for movement instead of seats:

1. In the workplace: to get up (if possible) every 10 minutes, the same benefits to the body have a walk. It is not important for how long, but how often do you get up – the more often the more effective!

2. Organize your office so that you also need to get up from time to time – you may need the printer does not necessarily have at your desk.

3. Use instead of your office chair a stability ball.

4. Arise to Send and communicate directly rather than in any matter mails to your colleagues.

5. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to use.

6. Park further away from the entrance so you may have a longer walk.

Sure you can make these small changes individually so that the quality of work does not suffer! Even better, if you want to support your now enable office life through sport: here are you (except in exceptional cases when determining diseases and conditions such as pregnancy, which must be discussed with your doctor) really has no limits. If you prefer quiet movement types, choose between Yoga or Pilates.

Fat loss and muscle-supporting vibration treatments.

If you want to achieve the positive changes efficiently and faster, because you want to quickly get into shape before the summer or winter season for example, then we will inform you about treatments that will give you this possibility. During treatment vibrations are generated, and has the deep influence in specific frequencies to the body and support the following processes:

  • They activate the metabolism in the cells
  • Expand blood vessels, which improves circulation
  • Loosen tense muscles
  • You build the excess visceral fat in the abdominal cavity
  • Create lasting relaxation
  • You relieve pain (important for pain sufferers).