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Pills won’t help you get more healthy

We live in a time in which the “treatment” of disease is often carried out with chemicals and surgery. The drug-based system depends on the belief that our bodies require chemicals to stay healthy. For a real change in the system, a healthy lifestyle in order to optimize the innate self-healing powers is the best strategy in order to not fall back on conventional medical treatment with medication and invasive medical need.Get more healthy

What can you do to support your natural health?

For starters, the insight is sufficient that health does not come from a pill and that no illness by a “drug or vaccine deficiency” occurs.

“… Is there a greater absurdity than a medical model, which are treated with sublethal doses of toxic chemicals, the symptoms of the disease, and where there is no attempt to uncover the causes, to understand or to remove the imbalances?“

What disease has ever been caused by a defect of a drug?

– Is acidic reflux caused by a defect of proton pump inhibitors?

– If heart disease caused by a defect of statin drugs?

– If Osteoporosis is caused by a defect of Fosamax?

– Can Cancer are caused by a defect of chemotherapy?

-Is a Depression is caused by a defect of Paxil?

Absolutely not! And why would anyone consider it a sound practice to use potentially toxic chemicals as the treatment of choice, which were not caused by a lack of a chemical?

On the contrary, many diseases are caused precisely by these exposures to chemicals. We treat poisonings with poisons!

Healthy Lifestyle as the best health strategy.

Until real system change takes place, your best health strategy is very simple to use by a healthy lifestyle. Your body can optimize the innate healing ability and minimize the need for medication.

If you acquire a healthy lifestyle, you will probably rarely use drugs. The “healthy lifestyle” is undoubtedly a comprehensive and customized theme. If you read your blog regularly, or otherwise interested in natural health, then you have probably get the sense of what is important for your long-term health. The following are the main points that you consider and implement for themselves and their families should.

Choosing the right diet.

In general, your diet should whole, unprocessed foods (vegetables, meat, raw dairy products, nuts and so on) change that come from healthy, sustainable, local sources, such as a small organic farm , not far from your home. The best food and the most health benefits you get with raw food. It is advisable to take about 80-85 percent of the food raw to be, including raw eggs and organic animal products which come from a natural animal production farm. Almost as important as knowing what foods you should eat is also awareness, what foods you should avoid.

Topping the list is fructose. Sugars and especially fructose contributes to several disease processes in the body in , not least due to insulin resistance, which is a major cause of accelerated aging.

Exercise program.

Even if you are eating the healthiest diet in the world, you have to move yet sufficient to achieve maximum health. To exercise these movements as effectively as possible, you should make not only strengthening exercises and stretching, but also pay attention to the high intensity and rotation of activities. High intensity interval training increased strengthens the production of human growth hormone (HGH), which is essential for optimal health, power and strength.

Stress reduction and positive thinking.

You can not be optimally healthy if you do not observe the emotional component of your health and longevity . Your emotional state plays in almost every physical illness a role, from heart disease and depression, to arthritis and cancer. Effective coping mechanisms are an important factor for the durability. Stress has a direct impact on the inflammatory , the contributory many chronic diseases is that kill people prematurely every day. Meditation, prayer, social support and exercise are all viable options that will help you to get an emotional and mental balance.

Sunbeams catch to produce Vitamin D.

It is best to vitamin D naturally form in the skin by sunlight. Therefore, it is important to get regular sun on a natural basis. If it is not possible, it should on a safe tanning compensate.

Animal Omega-3 fats of high quality.

Animal Omega-3 fatty acids are a strong health factor for the person who helps to live longer and healthier. Many experts believe that this is probably the predominant reason why the Japanese people live the longest are on our planet.

Avoid many chemicals, toxins and pollutants as possible.

Detoxify the environment in which you live and take toxic detergents, soaps, body care products, air fresheners, bug sprays, lawn pesticides and insecticides (to name a few) away and replace them with non-toxic alternative.