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Enjoy pregnancy in summer

Under high temperatures Pregnancy in summer suffer very often. The circulation is weakened, difficult breathing, and low blood pressure can worsen. With a few simple behavioral guidelines also expectant mothers can enjoy the summer temperatures.

Pregnant enjoy the summer During pregnancy, metabolism and blood circulation are increased. If even expand in heat now the vessels, it can quickly lead to dizziness and, at worst, loss of consciousness. In order not to risk a circulatory collapse, but it is not necessary to keep out sun and heat completely. Rather, pregnant women can with a few simple tricks to keep a cool head and learn from the Mediterranean dealing with high temperatures.

The ten best summer tips for pregnant women:

  • Avoid the midday sun, and hold 12 to 15 clock rather siesta.
  • Drink plenty of mineral water, diluted fruit juices or herbal teas to supply the body with sufficient fluid and to replace those lost through sweating minerals.
  • Keep yourself out there as possible in the shade or only briefly in the scorching sun to risk a sunstroke.
  • Do not burden your circulation with too sumptuous meals, but eat more often you prefer something light such as salads.
  • Ventilate at night, and keep the windows closed mostly a day to keep out the heat.
  • Wear bright and airy as possible, the sun reflective clothing.
  • Lay physical effort on the early morning or late evening.
  • Load more often times your feet up, and to avoid using long standing.
  • Let between cool water over your wrists and feet run to stimulate the circulation.
  • Avoid stress, treat yourself to a lot of breaks, and practice in the enjoyment.