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Prepare the medicine cabinet in time for the winter

A look in the medicine cabinet is particularly important at the beginning of the cold season. Because if something is missing, can only be as supplies for the cold season filled and anxious time.

Medicine cabinet

A well-stocked medicine cabinet is always recommended, because all too often it is in everyday life the first point of contact for small ailments or even injuries. The basic equipment of course are next to a clinical thermometer and prescription painkillers and patch, sterile compresses, alcohol for disinfection, gauze bandages and. However, when the cool and humid season is approaching and the first signs of cough or coryza show, you will be especially happy to have his medicine cabinet in time changed to “winter mode” and sufficiently supplemented. Therefore, it is particularly important to have early to think of appropriate precautions and stock up on a variety of non-prescription medicines for coughs, colds and sore throats. Colds have an incubation period of 3-5 days before the known symptoms such as headaches, often body aches, sore throat, cough or runny nose gets runny nose. Who is going on immediately at the first sign of an infection with the correct resources from the medicine cabinet against the cold, has a good chance to reduce the side effects of type infection significantly or can even ward.

The medicine cabinet – savior in the first emergency.

If it has, despite all precautions, caught us with fever and cold, should the body some rest. Because often scratched it not only in the throat and nasal membranes are swollen, but it feels even beyond tired and exhausted. Sore throat, there are different varieties of lozenges have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Who does not like the lozenges, those pesky sore throat can also sell gargling. Tinctures with sage relieve inflammation in the mouth and throat. A decoction of chamomile flowers suitable for gargling. Tablets with paracetamol have been proven effective against mild to moderate headache and body aches and fever and should also be in every medicine cabinet. Decongestant nose drops or nasal sprays can be applied temporarily against the stuffy nose. Here, however, be noted that with prolonged use the nasal mucosa may be damaged and may even set a habit. Therefore decongestant nose drops or sprays should not be used longer than a week. In general, if in doubt consult a doctor or pharmacist to.

The medicine cabinet – always there for you.

We all know the drill: Often just breaks the weekend from a cold. How unfortunate it is then not to have a supportive agent in the house just for immediate action. One more reason, time to put together a small selection of non-prescription drugs and have in stock. Almost all products are durable for you to get well over the winter. Advice and help is available in any pharmacy.