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Quick help against the scratchy throat

Sore throat may be the first symptom of an approaching cold. Who is doing something about it quickly now, can avert the infection yet. But even a harmless scratching is disruptive and can be easily removed with home remedies often.

Hot lemon drinkFor the scratchy throat, there are several possible reasons. These are the most common causes:

  • Infection
  • Overloading
  • Allergy
  • Dry air
  • Cold air

Depending on the trigger are recommended various means , the annoying symptoms quickly get rid of.The approaching cold announces itself with sore throat, itching in the throat or soreness in the throat. Who takes a look at a well-lit mirror with open mouth that can detect a redness in the back of the throat at this stage already. These first signs of inflammation are also fundamental for the scratchy feeling. But even when overloaded, allergies or in response to dry air of the throat may be red.

Quick help is important.

The sooner action is taken, the better. On the way, it is important in cold air as possible through the nose to breathe in order not to irritate throat also. A scarf around the neck also brings some relief. Sweets on the basis of lemon or sage are almost get anywhere and can also provide relief. The unpleasant scratchy throat may be at work when force between long phone calls or meetings to speak. The following measures can help to get you through the day:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Ice suck
  • Comply with breaks
  • To nicotine waive
  • Hot lemon drink

Anyone who is staying in your own home, you should treat yourself to rest as possible. This is especially true if the sore throat is the first sign of a cold. Gargling with sage, a hot lemon and decongestant medications for colds are useful measures before the cold settles down. In cases of suspected allergies, it is important to consult your GP.

The night stand with neck pain.

Anyone who is sick, often feels miserable. Sleep is important. But if a sore throat sleeping difficult. Who wants to can help you with a soothing tea. It is also important not to end the evening too long, but to go to sleep early. The neck is a wrap with quark is recommended. For this purpose, the cool curd is removed from the outside of the neck. Then a linen cloth over it, for. Example is a dish towel. So that nothing is dirty, a scarf is to protect it. Overnight the quark dries and soothes the inflammatory processes in the throat. The further the infection has progressed, the more changes the quark mass, which is an indication of the healing effect.