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Quick help for seasickness

A Seafaring is not always fun. Anyone who suffers from seasickness, can not enjoy the stay on a boat or ship, but has to contend with mild to severe nausea. But seasickness should not be, with some tricks include the symptoms soon the past.

Help for seasicknessFor motion sickness (motion sickness) water is not even necessary. You can just as easily occur on land, for  example, in car and bus rides, as well as in a thrilling ride on a carousel. It is caused mainly by unusual movement patterns, which can also be subjective feeling. The best example of this is the sea or travel sickness in computer games with rapid changes of perspective. The typical symptoms of seasickness are:

  • Dizziness
  • Pallor
  • Mild to severe nausea
  • Headache

Of course, not everyone who embarks on a ship or boat, seasick. Conversely, however, can be seasick also someone who is quite common on the waterway. And vice versa the seasickness is possible, namely after leaving the ship. Especially after eventful journeys many people have after hours feel that the floor moves.

What causes motion sickness.

There are different approaches regarding the possible cause of the sea and sickness. As secured only that the sense organs by varying substrate and by the lack of fixed points become irritated. Maybe the little brain can not process, which eventually can cause nausea information. In order to enjoy the holiday on the water or the sea voyage, it is important to deal with the possibilities for prevention and treatment.

Prevention and treatment of motion sickness.

The following measures can significantly exacerbate symptoms and should be avoided:

  • Alcohol consumption, on the eve
  • Indigestible food
  • Read
  • TV
  • Standing at the stern or bow

Indeed, sleep can help to overcome the nausea. But then it makes sense, as early as possible to go below deck when the swell is not too strong. At the onset of symptoms or to prevent the following measures have proven:

  • Centered on the ship remain
  • Little go below
  • Keep horizon in view

Nevertheless, the targeted taking iron tablets alleviate the symptoms and significantly improve the general condition.

Fast effective and comfortable in use are travel coated tablets, which are traded in the broadest sense as chewing gum and current can be replenished and intentional.
From natural medicine, ginger has proven successful for many years and for the prevention of the symptoms of motion sickness such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting is used . As a ginger root can hardly go prepare fresh, there is the ginger rhizome in drug processing as medicines optimally dosed in pharmacies. Also you can try travel dragees.

For long trips or cruises ship is a doctor on board, which also advises the patient and optionally initiates an intravenous treatment so that the journey is still a pleasure usually. During your pregnancy, some drug treatments for fundamental reasons are not admitted. Because pregnant women are often more sensitive to sea, a sea voyage on a smaller boat is not highly recommended.