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Saves an apple a day, the doctor

The apple is a small marvel of nature. Kiwi, pineapple and other particularly vitamin-rich exotic it may at first glance not hold a candle. The correctness of the English proverb that says translates that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it was long since been confirmed scientifically.

AppleAn apple actually contains more than 30 vitamins, plus up to 180 milligrams of potassium, further calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. On the other hand, it provides only 60 calories. Some of the valuable ingredients sit in the bowl, so he should be well washed, are also preferably consumed with this. Hunger and lack of energy between meals?

An apple a remedy, its fructose and glucose quickly awaken your spirits. Another plus point is the pectins in apples, dietary fiber, the stomach and intestines do well. Pectins can do even more to bind bile acid and thus inhibit the formation of harmful LDL cholesterol by up to 10 percent. The tannic acid in apple turn, are a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to regulate and heal at different types of digestive problems. In short, the apple is a true all-rounder.

Valuable ingredients in interaction.

Although some other fruits to score with higher vitamin shares, the apple is to exceed the total composition hardly.

  • Vitamin C along with iron ensures optimum bioavailability, because the body can use the mineral much better together with vitamin C. Iron deficiency manifests itself in a tendency to chills, headache, pallor and lack of concentration. That speaks for one or two apples as intermediate snack or as a supplement to break bread for children.
  • Another argument for the apple for dessert are the fiber, the pectins: You keep blood sugar levels constant, it remains to be sick a long time and it feels fresh and fit.
  • The pectin in apples binds bile acids, which consists predominantly of harmful LDL cholesterol. The bile acid is then excreted through the intestines. Now, the liver must form new bile acid. For this they used the still circulating in the blood stream LDL-cholesterol and lowers the LDL-cholesterol levels. If it is too high, which leads to the dreaded plaques vasoconstrictor deposits. Factors lowering cholesterol fresh apples as well as dried apple rings.

The apple as a home remedy.

Again, it is the pectin in the apple that promotes proper digestion and can dissolve blockages example. But apples can also act exactly opposite as required: If you suffer from diarrhea or intestinal inflammation, is finely grated apple as an effective home remedy. The tannins inhibit inflammation, the pectin thickens the chair and dressed protecting the cells of the intestinal wall: Bacterial pathogens find so no resistance. In a similar way, also the morosche Carrot Soup: The relatively long cooking time is here also free pectins.