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Slimming pills against Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Chinese drug therapy may contribute to weight loss and could be just as effective as the so-called “slimming pills” – but without their side effects.

Acupuncture Diets for weight loss rarely work, or their success is non durable. Therefore, many people start to use dietary supplements or medications, which should bring the hope for those who want to lose weight. But it is not safe, because many of these agents have undesirable side effects. Acupuncture, however, can be quite free from side effects and help you lose weight.

In order to analyze the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese drug therapy for weight loss, researchers evaluated by method of meta-analysis 96 studies. It turned out that the Far Eastern methods were more effective than placebos in obesity and lifestyle changes. In addition, they were as effective as western agents to reduce weight, but had fewer side effects.

“Slimming pills” are often quite dangerous.

Many manufacturers of so-called “slimming pills” advertise with the promise that you can get rid of excess pounds quickly by taking pills and without troubles. Studies have shown that some of these unauthorized products contain undeclared medicinal ingredients. But agents indicated on the packaging can be as much dangerous as undeclared. So now was forbidden drugs with the ingredients of phentermine and fenfluramine, which should inhibit appetite, because they can lead to pulmonary hypertension and tachycardia among others side effects. Others also dangerous preparations are however still available. Ads of such dangerous medications are often can be found in magazines and on the Internet.

The authors of study do not recommend these agents.