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Spring fever: an issue for all ages

Spring fever are often mocked. He who walks with rising temperatures courting, can almost be sure that the environment describes his behavior with spring fever. But what’s really behind it and the feelings are very young people subject?

Spring feverAs soon as the days get longer, the content of the hormone melatonin decreases. The “sleep hormone”, which in the cold and dark winter months especially likely paralyzes most people now recedes into the background and leaves room for enjoyment of life. This can lead to euphoric emotional outbursts, but raises total guaranteed the mood. The thyroid reacts and the organism is in the spring then correspondingly more active. This has an effect on the personal mood. However, the most important factor is the environment assign: Finally now begin the first flowers to bloom and the green trees replaced the somber colors. For the human psyche, the year begins with the spring, when the bright colors appeal to the senses. And last but not least, the chances to meet interesting people on the street and to meet up with like-minded people.

More light and new feelings.

In the spring, people especially like falling in love. They are attentive and lighter ready to embark on another. This facilitates contacts. Who wants to make an appointment now has the best chance to get to know the man or woman for life. This is true not only for teenagers and young adults. Also, people in midlife and elderly fall in love again in their own partner or meet someone who will accompany them from now on. One reason is that the male hormone testosterone is produced propagated to the lengthening days. A matching variation there is in women not, but even they can be in the spring like ensnare and enjoy the first warm rays so even more.

In the spring varies much.

Not everyone feels the spring of fresh and rested. Even the famous spring fatigue can make to create man and impede the first spring fever. These sensations are not imaginary, but are caused by the change of metabolism. Even blood pressure fluctuations are not uncommon in this season, which also can provide exhaustion. Sufferers also be observed at a certain irritability and complain of headaches. Sleep disorders occur when victims do not come to rest in the evening. Here it helps to spend much time in the fresh air and to facilitate the organism as the changeover. A healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins and now ensures that the phase is quickly overcome and the spring is fun again.