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Strong against pollen in May – Anti Allergic

With the spring holds the pollen collection – for the approximately 30 million allergy sufferers in America the other side of the beautiful weather. Fortunately, the symptoms thanks to modern anti-allergic and side effects quickly treat.Stark against pollen in May – antiallergic

AllergyIf the trees are still bare, the slices frozen morning and scarf and hat indispensable companion on any journey into the open, many of us are already dreaming of blooming flowers and budding trees. Many – but not all, because a large group can bring only little the Spring: the Allergy. The onset often already with the first warm rays of the pollen flowers ensures runny noses, sneezing and watery, itchy eyes. Coughing and even asthma attacks can be added and require absolutely treatment. Fortunately, modern antihistamines are well tolerated and cause more than minor side effects.

What causes an allergy?

The immune system of a healthy body should ensure that pollutants and pathogens of various kinds are detected and destroyed as such. Due to the optimal hygienic conditions of the western world the immune system is, however, hardly needed, to ward off parasites and the like. One of the major antibody immunoglobulin E namely, that is available in abundance and is now directed against enemies that do not are actually – such as pollen. An allergy can therefore be described as an overreaction of the immune system: There is an excessive immune response to supposedly dangerous foreign substances. Unfortunately, the presence of allergy no protective IgG antibodies, but IgE antibodies are formed which cause hay fever symptoms. Who suffers first signs of an allergy, you should seek medical attention early on: Left untreated hay fever may develop allergic asthma namely –this is called allergic in March.

How are allergies treated?

The only method which tackles the widespread evil allergy at the root, is the so-called hyposensitization, similar to a vaccination works: Use of syringes, tablets or drops are first tiny doses of allergen administered corresponding to slowly get used to the immune system to the substance; in the course of one increases the amount continuously. Unfortunately, there is a lengthy therapy: Target must be treated later four- to eight-week for several years first week. Alternatively, however, is only fighting the symptoms by nasal sprays and eye drops for local, tablets, juices and drops for internal use. The latter is known as antihistamines: they block the body’s histamine receptors in the body and , which leads to a weakening of the allergic reaction. Where older drugs sometimes provoked severe tiredness and fatigue, the preparations of the second and third generation are few side effects, since they hardly cross the blood-brain barrier.

Hay fever sufferers can breathe so thanks to modern medicine – and enjoy the spring back in full. Preparation of this group of active ingredients are, for example, Zyrtec. Fast acting as eye drops and /or nasal spray Xlear is acutely recommended with the active ingredient azelastine and often successfully applied.