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Sun protection for babies and children

Run and play outdoors without the hassle of jackets and heavy shoes – especially children flourish in summer. However, children’s skin and is particularly sensitive to sunlight. A good protection is therefore extremely important.

Protect childrenThe younger a person is, the less his skin is able to ward off damaging influences such as UV rays. One reason is the small production of brown dye melatonin – a protective pigment, which prevents the sun’s rays like a shield. The skin of babies and young children is thin; both the function of the sebaceous glands and the acid mantle are still weak. Nevertheless stays outdoors important for children: Regular play, climb and run promotes not only the development but is also necessary for the production of vitamin D.  An adequate sun protection is therefore particularly important for children.

A shady spot.

According to dermatologists should not expose children under two years of full sunlight as possible: They must comply kept in the shade and even then protected with light clothing and a hat. The application of sunscreen during the first year of life is not recommended because it irritates the delicate baby skin unnecessarily. For older children, the so-called true 4-H rule that hat, shirt, pants, and a higher SPF (at least 30) provides good protection against sunburn. Meanwhile garments are available that prevent thanks to special impregnation UV rays. The eyes are sensitive and should be protected with a high quality sunglasses with seal. However, the best prevention is a place in the shade – especially during the hours of 11 to 15 clock where the sunlight is strongest.

Sun protection products.

When it comes to sun protection products for children mineral, that is physically active filters are preferred. They do not penetrate into the skin and call rarely allergic reactions. At the latest from kindergarten age and chemical protection factors are well tolerated. There are specially adapted to children’s sensitive skin products. It is important that in addition to UV-B also equally harmful UV-A rays are held; the sun protection factor should be at least 30. Although the consistency of the product has no influence on its effectiveness, but many children feel sprays, lotions or gels as pleasant as viscous creams. When applying skin area should not be spared – is to apply the product carefully plentiful and a half hour before exposure to the sun is best. Sweating, abrasion and water ensure that even solve waterproof sunscreen prematurely. For this reason, you should lotion children repeated, even if it meant the path indicated by the SPF protection is not extended. As is generally when dealing with children also applies when it comes to sun protection: Children learn by imitation. Parents should therefore always lotion itself – not least for their own safety.