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Sun tips for the stressed body after the sun

So relaxing is the warm sunshine on the psyche, so harmful they are, unfortunately for the skin because unprotected skin can be permanently damaged by sunlight. In addition to preventive sunscreen after sun care therefore is required to support the body during regeneration.

Sun tips Even without damaging the skin after sunburn many sunbathing often appears dry, rough and scaly. Cause is, inter alia, the so-called hyperkeratosis, which is formed as a natural shield the skin by exposure to intense sunlight. Although this thickening of the top layer of skin is an important protective function, it leaves the skin often look dull and rough. But the sun, the skin is not only thicker and pleasant browned, but also severely dehydrated sweat, sea water and wind. It is therefore important to maintain skin and body not only before sun exposure, but also afterwards sufficient.

Personal care from the outside.

Just after the sun often provides a feeling of exciting skin that wants to be cooled by an ice-cold shower. It is better, however, the first body to some rest in the shade and only then take a lukewarm shower. Thus, skin and body to cool slowly, without risking circulatory shock. However, salt or sand residues should not stay too long on the skin, so as not to strain additionally. Since both sun and dry air and water dry out the skin, they should already be soothed and cooled in the shower with mild, moisturizing shower gels. After showering care must then be a little more substantial to fill empty grease and moisture store again and mitigate drought unsightly wrinkles. In addition to special after-sun products for this purpose are also cooled, moisturizing body lotions. Products with Aloe vera may increase this effect, since the plant donates both moisture and wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties, a perfect combination if the skin is not only overused, but is also red. Should be decided against using products that contain preservatives and unnecessary additives such as perfume, as these can irritate the skin unnecessarily.

Remember about care from the inside.

But sun Stressed skin demands not only an intensive care from the outside, the inner care must not be forgotten after sunbathing. In addition to plenty of fluids, the body would now mainly on fruits and vegetables because the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals contained therein make the body more resistant and facilitate the regeneration of the skin from within. In addition, the skin can be strengthened, for example, with beta carotene for the next sunbathing.