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The day of healthy eating

Since 1998 he has held every year, since 2007, always on March 7: The day of healthy eating. Was launched this nationwide day of action taking place, which is a different theme each time by the Association of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Healthy eatingEveryday hustle and bustle are often responsible for ensuring that the issue of nutrition we attach no great importance; often we take our meals in between, maybe even standing in. While most of us know the importance of what we eat, to the physical and mental health, but many lack, supposedly,  the time for delicious food. The aim of the initiative is therefore to raise public awareness of the subject of nutrition and to give interested parties through nationwide actions taking place valuable tips. Dietitians, physicians and pharmacists provide information about exhibitions, lectures and sampling campaigns, including participating schools, children and young people are already aware of healthy eating.

Balanced diet – the basic rules.

The rule “5 a day” are familiar to almost every child: Who per day five servings of vegetables and fruit – about as much as your own is great – consumed, is already making a significant contribution to their health. They contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and fiber and should be as fresh as possible, raw or gently cooked or enjoyed as juices. Also grain products such as rice, pasta or bread, best of whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet. Milk and dairy products should be consumed daily, meat and fish do not have to be a part of everyday diet. In terms of fat economical use is advisable recommended is vegetable oil, which contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Adequate fluid intake should be maintained, however, alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

Healthy eating and sport – even for the youngest.

That the topics of nutrition and physical activity are closely linked, is no secret: if you want long stay healthy, should exercise regularly. Parents are in terms of diet in the responsibility, because it is growing healthy food and exercise are of particular importance. In addition, you should explain and exemplify children and awareness of the food. Of course, the fun can not be ignored – after a good meal keeps body and soul together. A pleasurable food handling, time for the preparation and conscious enjoying the meals should – whenever possible – be integrated into everyday life. Professionals must not only live on Fast Food: In countless cookbooks you will find tasty dishes, their preparation requires less than half an hour. For easy every day to be a day of healthy eating.