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The development of skin cancer in the last few years

The data on diseases with skin cancer are also recorded in American statistically in a cancer registry. So experts to identify trends and adapt their treatment options. But the prophylaxis benefits from the data and can provide more help in the future so patient.

Skin canceThe number of people who develop skin cancer, increases systematically. The analysis of the statistics of 2012 showed an increase of 60% compared to 2005, with the most virulent form, malignant melanoma. The somewhat less aggressive form of skin cancer called bright, even increased by 79%. According to statistics, 200,000 new diagnoses each year. “Far too many” experts explain and suggest the cause in the inadequate education. One of the most dangerous causes of skin cancer are experienced sunburns in childhood. The risk is amplified by risk factors to which the people have no control. This includes:

  • Skin cancer cases in the family
  • Very light skin
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Work in the open air

People to even one of these apply, should have regular skin medically examine and take the precautions listed below. Additional protection can offer a special care product.

Offer avoidable triggers for skin cancer.

Many triggers for skin cancer are known as such to the general public. Only the extent of the hazard is many only aware of when it is too late. This includes:

  • Often stay in the solarium
  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Omission of sunscreen many triggers for skin cancer as such are also known to the general public. Only the extent of the hazard is many only aware of when it is too late. This includes:

The downplaying the trigger is for the doctors who care the biggest problem. There is a beauty ideal that incites especially women, to lounge in the sun, rather than to stay in the shadows, is cause for great concern. This skin cancer is one of the malignancies that can best be avoided.

Prevent skin cancer.

There is no need to stay in the house to protect against skin cancer. On days with high UV exposure but recreational activities should be postponed until after 19 in front of 10 clock as far as possible. Clothing should be UV resistant. This is especially true for children and people who are biased or very light-skinned. High quality sunscreen are essential, even when staying in the shade. In pharmacies there is a correspondingly wide range for all skin types. With the application it is also important to pay attention to the instructions. In addition, the hands must not be forgotten. And the scalp, as well as the shoulders need adequate protection against the sun. A hat with a brim protects not only the scalp, but also the sensitive neck. From the age of 35 screening tests carried out by the dermatologist and every two years should be repeated recommend beyond.