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The proper use of medication determines the success of therapy

Drug package inserts are a horror for the layman: You describe all possible interactions and side effects and the strict rules for the administration are often difficult to understand. It decides the proper intake on the safety and efficacy of a drug. What to watch for?

The proper use of medicationWhether a drug does its job, among other things, depends on whether it is used also in the prescribed manner.The dosage is always indicated on the package insert. The doctor’s instructions are usually understandable and should be strictly adhered to, especially if a patient requires more resources. For the detailed rules there are good reasons. A whole range of substances from food and drink produce namely with the ingredients of medicines significant interactions. Time, the desired effect is amplified repealed times. Doctors must be careful when prescribing what ingredients are tolerated well together and which are not. If you follow the prescriptions of physicians and leaflets, usually has no problems and avoid side effects.

Avoid interactions.

What “flushed”, tablets and capsules best down? A rich glass of tap water is just right. Beverages such as tea, coffee, milk, alcohol or even mineral water, however, are either true or drug-blockers may increase the effect of partially dangerous extent. Even the salts in the mineral water go with some medicinal components in a special chemical compounds and thereby impede the uptake by the intestine into the bloodstream. The same happens with the calcium in milk: some antibiotics or osteoporosis drugs are neutralized by dairy products actually. Grapefruit juice enhances contrast, some means by up to 70% in their effect.

Licorice example, should be taboo for patients taking diuretic drugs. With salad and vegetables with high vitamin K content can lead to complications when anticoagulants are taken in a timely manner.
Who is nervous, so you should seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist also with respect to a diet.

Timing and dosage.

Metabolism and hormone balance are subject to a diurnal rhythm. Taking cycles of drugs should take this into account.

  • Mucolytic cough syrups is best done during the day one, because frequent coughing robbed the night.
  • The body has the highest own cortisol levels in the morning. Who needs to take cortisone, it tolerates best now.
  • Some herbs are best “processed” with an empty stomach, others would attack the stomach lining. Therefore, it is specified in the package insert carefully whether the drug is before, after or ingested while eating are.

Even at the level of a certain substance in the blood circulation to keep constant, the daily administration times and distances to be observed until the next dose necessarily. This is for example the case in many painkillers, but also in hormone preparations such as birth control pills.

And don’t forget, that the proper use of medication it is the guarantee of health!