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To start healthy lifestyle is lighter when you do it with your partner

Who wants to live healthy, have a better chance if the partner take part. What can be easy to see now when US researchers have proven this fact in a study. Accordingly, good intentions can be implemented more easily if you approach to the goal as a couple.

Healthy lifestyle

The new year come only a few months old and already many people have their good intentions. They decide to leave the bad habits thrown overboard in New Year’s Eve.  A US study has now shows that a healthier lifestyle with more exercise, healthier eating and without cigarettes can be best achieved if the spouse or partner drags it with you.

For their study, the researchers choose more than 3,700 couples interviewed in 2002 about their tobacco use, the sports curriculum, weight and the general state of health. All participants were over 50 years old and married or in a partnership.

Common waiver easier.

The strongest support can be provided through the partner in quitting tobacco. Only eight percent of smokers manage to give up cigarettes if the partner does not try to quit. However, if both of couple try to avoid of smoking, the success rate will about 50 percent. Even the willpower training can be more easier to implement if the partner also starts the training with you. In this case, about 67 percent of people were physically active and ready to start again in the case of failure. Also helpful was when both of partners started a diet when both of suffering from obese. Also, it was proven that couples cope better with exercise.

A slender partners no necessarily to be motivated by diet.

Obviously people have higher chances of a healthy lifestyle, even if the partner renounces his vices. If the partners from the outset, leads a healthy life, the influence is not so high. This is especially true for the overweight. While the relationship with a non smoking or active athletes often also motivated other partners to a healthier lifestyle, a normal weight of partner has no influence on the willingness to the other diet.

Scientists points out that an unhealthy lifestyle is a common cause of fatal, chronic illnesses, and reminds: The biggest risks in life are smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet and alcohol.