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Travel in any age: Select destinations according to age properly: Select destinations according to age properly

Where in Europe? That depends, inter alia also on age. While most seniors decide for themselves what they lack confidence in themselves, a few safety rules should be strictly adhered to in children. Many tour operators have already responded to the high demand for target group-oriented holiday offers and offer relaxing holiday as well as exotic adventure packages for all ages.

Select destinationsSimilarly as for relaxing for families with small children are resorts:

  • Which are easily accessible by car, train or bus or a short flight.
  • With adequate medical care is guaranteed within reach.

These conditions are given for example in the Alps, the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Baltic, and in virtually all European countries. The pleasant and familiar climate keeps doing health risks within limits. Relaxing, well organized and comfortable are cruises that have enjoyed increasing popularity among seniors.
Whether for seniors or families with children, for both age groups offer attractive organizer “packages” to carefree to discover distant countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Travel tips for seniors.

As a senior finally go on a dream trip? A thorough consultation with the doctor usually yields that one can trust is much more than hitherto assumed. However, severe heart disease limit the airworthiness, Parkinson example, the heat resistance of the patient. Kidney damage generally make trips to the risk.

  • Vaccinations against infectious diseases such as typhoid and hepatitis B are vital in some countries. For seniors with a weaker immune system always recommends pneumococcal vaccination.
  • A pacemaker is no reason not to go off on holiday. The final aggregate control should not be older than 6 months, for airport security, a certificate is required.
  • The increased risk of thrombosis in long sitting in the airplane will be banned by copious drinking, frequent standing up, stretching, stretching and moving the legs.
  • The range of reputable and well-organized group trips is great: You make contacts and also has health issues immediately a contact. The security of traveling with.
  • The emergency identification and sufficient medicines are of course in the luggage – whether it’s in the local mountains or in the distance.

Tips for traveling with kids.

Children aged one year and their parents are traveling virtually anywhere, even in exotic countries. Provided they are adequately vaccinated, one considers their needs and is within easy reach medical care.
Countries, Japan, Taiwan, Brunei, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and South Africa have an excellent health care: For children there is here in an emergency competent, English-language support.
Infants under one year should not distance travel participate. Heat and the very popular “traveler’s diarrhea” can be life-threatening for an infant. The required vaccinations for travel to foreign countries stress the small organism in addition.