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Vitamin D deficiencies despite sun?

Studies show that 80-90 percent of the population have a defect in the so-called solar vitamin D, especially during the winter months. Since then recommends the American Nutrition Society adults, preventive 800 International Units (IU), taken in the form of supplements. But what about the summer?

Vitamin DSome time ago it became known that vitamin D plays a crucial role for the organism than assumed so far. Strictly speaking it is not a vitamin, but a precursor of the hormone calcitriol, which can make the skin using sunlight (UVB) rays themselves. The body surface thus functions as a gland, as so-called endocrine organ. Meanwhile, it is well established that copes with a balanced vitamin D levels both cardiovascular disease than can achieve a positive effect on the immune system. Even from a preventive effect in relation to various forms of cancer as well as depression and allergies you go out today. Children often get prescribed by a pediatrician during the first year of life daily vitamin D to promote bone growth and prevent rickets.

Sunscreens inhibit Vitamin D production.

In winter the sun is low in our latitudes, in addition, the UV radiation during the dark months from October to March is low. Many people prefer at this time in their houses and keep only rarely outside on. Accordingly, it is hardly surprising that the organism during the cold season hardly forms of vitamin D. In summer, when we stay again regularly in the sun, the body’s vitamin D stores can be finally filled – really.  Because according to the recommendations of dermatologists, we use before the stay in the open ample sunscreen to prevent sunburn and skin cancer. While this is true in terms of skin health, but can produce D endocrine gland of the skin of their task, vitamin, as a consequence, fail to comply. The result is that many even in summer, a vitamin D deficiency remains.

Sunbathing or supplements?

If you want to get the vitamin D production in gear needs to stop unprotected during lunch time in the sun is best – and risking sunburn. The line between positive effect and dangerous side effect is so narrow. Fortunately, we have high-quality nutritional supplements available that are taken in the form of capsules or oily drops. Also, combination products are available. However, a longer-term overdose of vitamin D is toxic and can at worst have severe kidney disease result. On the other hand, apply above 800 IU Although considered safe, but are not sufficient to compensate for such a serious deficiency. It is therefore recommended a regular blood test to check the mirror. In any case, it is worth this vitamin – to pay for his numerous positive effects on health a little more attention – this is actually none at all.