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Vitamin D deficiency leads to increased risk of dementia

More and more people in US suffer from dementia. A new study has now shown that a lack of vitamin D may contribute to increase the risk of dementia developing.

Vitamin D deficiencyEven the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease may be caused by lack of Vitamin D. A research team could now confirm this thesis by a six-year study in which was involved over 1,600 seniors aged 65 and over.

It was found that among seniors with a slight vitamin D deficiency, the risk of a disease of the nervous system as compared with the participants who were adequately supplied with the “sunshine vitamin”, had already increased by about half. In the subjects with severe Vitamin D deficiencies, the disease risk was more high than twice.

Own production of Vitamin D decreases with the age.

A causal relationship between vitamin D deficiency and dementia is not yet definitively proven by the study.  The researchers had more and more evidence that Vitamin D could potentially have a great healthy benefits, especially for older people.

Vitamin D is formed, to a large extent, by the body itself – but this production depends on the solar radiation of the skin. In addition, the ability to vitamin production decreases with the age. As a result the risk of lack of vitamin is increasing. The body can absorb the Vitamin D also through other sources – especially by high-fat fish, and through some plant foods or supplements. Now scientists are studying the question of how to prevent a shortage of this valuable vitamin for our ogranizma.