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What is Homeopathy?

The healing powers of homeopathy uses naturally occurring substances and functions in contrast to the classical medicine. Although their effects are not strictly scientifically proven, in practice homeopathic remedies often as effective as classic medicine.

HomeopathyWhile traditional medicine try to cure diseases by antidote, homeopathic substances are used to trigger a light version of the same complaints. The goal of this therapy is to help the body back to a natural balance. The founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, coined the slogan to “is like cures like”. As homeopathy is based on a holistic approach, each agent is considered to be the most effective, the effect of both, the physical and the mental condition of the patient is most similar. As a remedy, the variety of substances used, some of which are highly toxic in pure form and heavily diluted before use. By loosening and succussion the actual active ingredients in homeopathic preparations are often undetectable. Nevertheless, increases the effect according to the ever-increasing mixing ratio. This requires a precisely tailored to the patient’s complaints.

From belladonna to bee venom.

Homeopathy recognizes a wide range of natural active against a wide variety of complaints. The selection ranges from plant materials, such as the extract of belladonna, through various to bee venom. For minor ailments or injuries known individual preparations in low potency or homeopathic complex remedy that contain single agent or agent in balanced combination, are well suited for self-medication.

Since homeopathic medicines work very targeted particularly at higher powers, it is usually advisable to consider an experienced homeopathy for advice of whom assigns the appropriate drug after creating history. Even highly diluted substances can trigger allergies, depending on the mental and physical constitution is a substance made in one person’s desired effect in another ineffective. In general, homeopathy has proven especially effective in the early phase of lighter diseases. In nuclear, strong or worsening symptoms should, however, consult with a physician classical medicine.