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When digestion becomes a problem: Bloating

Bloating everyone knows, even if most reluctant to talk about it. Occasional indigestion can be relieved with various home remedies and it is not a cause for concern. But bloating constantly can hide an allergy or organic disease.

BloatingA distended abdomen, cramping pain and often uncomfortable loudness escape odorous gases are clear signs that the body is overwhelmed with digestion. Besides junk food, an unhealthy diet and the accidental swallowing of air make different foods a smooth and unobtrusive digestion difficult. Thus, whole grains, onions, cabbage, legumes and chicken eggs are, eg split and can often be digested only with strong gas development. Flatulence from these foods are therefore normal and go well with the help of digestive home remedies such as cumin, anise, fennel and coriander prevent that accompany the meals either as spices or in the form of teas. Regular walks as well as several small servings rather than a large meal are also worth a try. In acute flatulence circular massage and heat can relieve the pain and help the bowel movements.

Allergies and organic disorders: flatulence as alarm signals.

Even if you put a lot of time to eat, dispense carbonated drinks and made sure to not swallow air, first comes an intolerance questioned as a trigger. Intolerance to milk sugar (lactose), gluten, histamine and other dietary components are not uncommon and can be partly explained by a corresponding elimination diagnose diet. When in doubt, a doctor helps in choosing the right foods.

The symptoms improve immediately, sometimes the lifetime waiver of the affected food is the most effective way to prevent digestive problems. At the case of intestinal infantilism, also called Celiac Disease, all gluten-containing foods must be eliminated from the diet, as this will cause irreversible damage to the small intestine and thus deficiencies.

Stubborn and constant bloating should be medically investigated for safety’s sake, because they can also refer to the so-called irritable bowel syndrome, a malfunction of the pancreas or other underlying diseases.