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With home remedies against mosquito bites

There are lots home remedies against mosquito bites. Almost all are really helpful, but often in very different extents. Here you will find the best advice for all stages of a mosquito attack.

Mosquito bitesThe female mosquitoes require blood to produce their eggs, and different fragrances serve them as a guide to the source of the blood. Especially the smell of human sweat acts beguiling mosquitoes. In return, however, there are odors that can not attract mosquitoes, almost all repellents available in drugstores and has pharmacies advantage. Human found friends in the flowers. Fragrance of lavender and the tomato plant is a gentle miracle weapon against the bloodsuckers. Also, various in fragrance lamps heated essential oils such as eucalyptus, camphor, sandalwood and bergamot are not in accordance with mosquito taste. If you, however, been the victim of an attack mosquitoes, you must be found as quickly as possible sharper ammunition.

The measures in the case of mosquito bites.

The mosquito injects the victims their saliva, which has both analgesic and blood-thinning properties and later the enervating itching triggers. From 45 degrees Celsius denature these proteins allergenic, so that a quickly applied heat therapy can stop the itching. However, this method must be used with caution in order to avoid the risk of burns. Candle wax and hot towels are preferable lighters and heated spoons in each case. Alternatively, and especially in children, however, refrigeration is a proven tool. Wrapped in towels cold packs or ice reduce swelling and also relieve the itching. Anyone who has a well-organized kitchen in range, can try antibacterial and cooling properties of a cut onion, lemon or potato and a few drops of vinegar. Also can be used wild plants, for example is very good help with grated plantain leaves. Mixed with vinegar or salt water will work wonders. But every method, actually, brings relief is very individual. Also you can try disinfectant but if you can see real danger you better to see the doctor.