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With motion fit and health in the new year

At the end of each year we like to look back on the past. What was it, what can you do better? We usually start with good intentions in the new year. Reason enough to continue to pay attention to more exercise.

Motion fitWe all know the drill: The duties of everyday life often leave little time for other things. The day’s work is done at the end of a long day, you fall into bed tired. At most, remains in the evening perhaps a little more time to turn on the TV to receive an update on the day’s news from the news or watch a movie. It hobbies often fall short, pleasant social gathering with friends or family must be carefully coordinated with the schedule. In addition, to find time for the conscious use of the body, many find it very difficult. It is particularly important to bring the body motion in momentum and to keep fit.

Why exercise is good for the whole body.

Active movement promotes blood circulation and breathing pattern changes: One breathes deep and intense automatically. Moreover, an individual’s physical constitution adapted movement prevent cardiovascular diseases or relieve. Daily climbing stairs can even significantly reduce the risk of heart attack. The strengths of the muscles is another positive effect of physical exercise. The entire body benefits from a strong muscles, especially the musculoskeletal system. In addition, one feels after targeted exercise very well. One has but the “base” overcome. One more reason to take the good intentions for the new year and future schedule sufficient movement into everyday life.

Movement – with care and perseverance.

Do you find yourself now and then that you have hardly moved during the day? How many hours we sit in the day? Clearly too much because mostly sitting or man is. But the less he moves, the more difficult physical movements. However, movement is not the same movement. Even if you can bring in the body swing with domestic activities well, this is not necessarily to be understood as a conscious body workout. In this case, no gym you have to visit. Avoid, for example, on the elevator and take the stairs. Climbing stairs can easily be integrated into everyday life. Also running on the spot is a great way to boost in between the circulation. Are there knees alternately raised, this has also favorable effect on the calf muscles. Slide your shoulders, lift your arms and run them together above his head. Tension can be alleviated.

In concluthino may say: Let’s live health in the new year!