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With the right exercises for healthy back

According to surveys, affects approximately 70% of Americans back pain and almost always are incorrect loading the cause. Those who sit a lot at the desk, is particularly vulnerable. But there is help, the right exercises for healthy back are easy to learn.

Exercises for a healthy One thing is certain, more and more people suffer from back pain. How to tell the health insurance, the number of patients in pain since 1998 has increased from 6 to 15% and the intensity of the pain got worse. That the persons concerned are now affected at an early age, is another wake up call for the insurer.

What causes back pain?

The expert distinguishes between specific and nonspecific back pain. If the pain is the result of overloading, is nonspecific pain of the question. Pain conditions which are attributable to a disorder are referred to as specific. Overload in this context but not necessarily an overuse through sport, but also by stress factors, such as lack of exercise and one-sided exposure to prolonged sitting. But this need not be. With the right exercises back pain can be prevented. And along the way can thereby improve the ability to concentrate. Here are five practical and easy to perform exercises for the workplace, which can eliminate pain and are appropriate to prevent their formation:

  • As often as possible to get up!
  • Sit upright, legs hip width, press back in the back, arms shoulder-width stretch up and lean back, tense and relax.
  • Sit upright, legs hip-width apart, bend your arms to the side at 90 °, then straighten up and back (15 reps).
  • Sit upright, legs hip width, roll arms and hands on the table, with the chair back, stretched arms hang head down for a few seconds.
  • Sit upright, legs hip-width apart, lean back, raise one arm, leading him over the head and side stretch slightly (trunk flexion in sitting).

Help for pain in everyday life.

In most cases, back pain have no serious cause. Who is at an early stage may be prophylactic effectively prevent late complications.Important simple measures are:

  • Overweight reduce
  • Rigid sitting still (TV, PC) restrict
  • Correct lifting (from the knees) Practice
  • Disclaim initially slightly forward at every rising (relieves the back)
  • Replace at least every eight years mattress
  • Back-friendly sports or gym with supervision select (where appropriate after consultation with the doctor)
  • Seats with back support
  • Comfortable shoes prefer, avoid high heels

For many people, also suggests stress literally on the back. Massages help them to overcome the pain. Here they are doubly successful one hand, the therapeutic action is local pain and blockages and muscle cramps are solved, on the other hand a massage can also have a calming effect and be a boon for the soul.

The use of painkillers such as Voltaren dolo liquid is effective in the short term, has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory. More than 10 days per month or 3 consecutive days, however, should not be used painkillers in self-medication. Should this be necessary, is strongly recommended a visit to the doctor. In addition Pain Relief can be used locally soothing supportive.