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A sluggish bowel damage your health

Has long since become the sluggish bowel widespread disease. The causes are varied and are reinforced by broad ignorance. In addition to the commonly affected group of seniors become ill even children to constipation. Who is well informed can help themselves in many cases.

A sluggish bowelBy definition, everyone suffers from a sluggish bowel, which has more than every 48 hours little or no bowel movement. Many healthy, active people daily bowel movement is normal. Of these people with constipation can only dream of. Instead, they suffer from painful abdominal cramps, when the intestine against often much too hard chair fights. Experts explain that, especially seniors are affected. However, pediatricians are sounding the alarm and report that even young children are increasingly affected. The causes are almost always the same: lack of exercise, poor diet and too little liquid.

What causes a sluggish bowel?

In affected seniors dehydration is one of the main reasons for the sluggish bowel. At the age the feeling of thirst diminishes. The intestine is forced to economize water reserves, and cut off the stool in the colon more water, which thereby becomes drier and drier. The intestinal mucosa suffers further transport is a pain, because the intestine reacts with cramping in order to eliminate the toxic waste products can for him. Another problem is lack of exercise. The human body needs physical stress, because the entire physiology is geared towards movement. Another factor is poor diet. Fast food and a lot of sugar in far too few fibers no longer require the gut as he needs it. Meanwhile, however, not only seniors but also young adults and even children are affected. Only in a few cases, there are serious triggers, such as tumors.

Help against the sluggish bowel.

A sluggish bowel must not be. A healthy colon is benefiting from at least one hour of exercise daily. This need not be a competitive sport. Tight walks or satisfy the personal fitness program. This includes romp with the kids or play with the dog. It is important that it is not unilateral movements. Stairs instead of the elevator and the bike for short trips help the intestine and as a result also the cardiovascular system and the respiratory tract. Healthy diet consists of a minimum of Wheat Flour, little meat, much less sugar, lots of vegetables and fruits and valuable grain. The drink is water based, non-carbonated possible – two to three liters a day it should be. Neither tea nor coffee, sodas or juices should be included as well. People should always keep in mind that a sluggish bowel worse over the years usually. At worst it comes to diseases that are no longer completely to treat.