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Acidification – the acid-base balance gets out of balance

Although acid to make fun, certainly not the case for acidification of the body. For a hyperacidity, medically referred to as acidosis, the body reacts with various symptoms. Sometimes even diseases can be result. But what exactly causes hyperacidity and what can you do about it?

Acid-base balanceUsually located in the human body acids and bases in balance. For this, the body has various buffer systems which ensure a proper pH balance in the cells and body fluids. The pH itself is a dimensionless measure of the basic or acidic character.IIn the human body there are quite different pH values that are regulated via the blood, the lungs, the kidneys, the skin and the liver. Thus, the blood has, for example, a pH of about 7.3, the skin of 5.5 to 6.5 and the gastric acid of 1 to 1.5, which corresponds to a strong acid. In contrast, the bones have a basic character with a pH of about 8. Due to external factors, this system can be so much out of whack that it is no longer possible for body to excrete their excess acids. This is referred to generally by an acidification of the body.

How  body tries to recover his acid-base balance.

But not only through breathing, skin or kidneys body tries excrete excess acids. In part, they are converted into neutral salts with the help of minerals, water and fat, which is then stored as waste in the connective tissue of the body. For this neutralization, however, the body needs an adequate supply of so-called bases. But precisely these are in short supply in today’s fast food diet,with high consumption of meat and ready meals. In addition, stress, nicotine, coffee, tea and alcohol are considered acid generator. In order to reduce this acid, attacks the body, if no other bases are available, the body’s own deposits, such as the bones or teeth back, which can have long term effects on their stability. Possible symptoms of hyperacidity can also be gas, bloating, heartburn, musculoskeletal pain, blemishes, premature skin aging, general listlessness and a weakened immune system.

Identify and correct acidosis.

To determine a possible acidification, the pH can be determined in the blood to the doctor. But at home can be the pH on the skin and urine using special tests determine. And although so far no scientific evidence of a link between these symptoms and acidosis, a base oriented diet seems to have a positive effect on the overall well-being. In addition to fasting cures and treatments specific base primarily change in diet has been found with a basic content of 60 to 80 percent as helpful. In addition, known acidifiers such as stress and social drugs should be avoided.