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Etiquette for colds: protect yourself and others

Autumn is here: The leaves are falling, the wind blows – a runny nose. Those who observe some etiquette for colds, preserves his fellows of infection and the pathogens even faster go again.

Etiquette for coldsCough, runny nose, hoarseness – hardly the summer is ended, bacteria and viruses have an easy time again. Adults per year on average two to four times a cold, even children four to eight times. When sneezing and coughing fast excitation at incredible speed from the nose and throat and land on hands, doorknobs, light switches and shopping carts where they can survive for several hours. To minimize the risk of contagion to other, you should consider some rules of etiquette.

Protect others.

An important tip: hand in contrary to the previously applicable admonition not to her mouth sneezing and coughing; finally transported to the germs from there in a flash on. Instead, it is recommended to avert the face and sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a tissue. That one after blowing your nose or sneezing anyone shake hands, goes without saying. In general you should handshake during the cold season as possible be avoided – thanks to an explanatory sentence can the resulting therefrom may easily avoid misunderstandings. Frequent and thorough hand washing, especially heard during a cold a must – this is not a question of contagion, but the politeness etiquette Under the current standard, it is no longer appropriate to wish after sneezing “health” to. Instead, should one who sneezes, apologize, provided that a conversation was interrupted.

For your own protection.

As a not particularly appetizing is commonly the nose pulling. However, it has advantages from a medical perspective, but is free in this way the nose of mucus, without being forced into these sinuses and middle ear inflammation and risk. If you still prefer blows his nose in a handkerchief, so this should do careful to generate enough pressure. For the same reason, it is advisable not to suppress the sneezing.

In order to alleviate the symptoms of a cold, nasal sprays may be helpful: They may, however, depending on the ingredients not be used for an extended period of time because they permanently dry mucous membranes. Have proved the nose shower for rinsing and steam rooms and gargling – as with sage tea. Even high-quality herbal medications can be used for coughs colds and sniffles. Special ointments keep the skin around the nose and lips from drying out and keep your the mucous membranes supple. Much better than all rhinitis medications is of course prevention: a balanced diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise in the fresh air strengthen the immune system. And if you have enough drinks and attracts warm, it makes viruses and bacteria difficult to penetrate into the body – and can look forward to a colorful, healthy autumn.