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Adult Dating – condoms and lubricants

Whether against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, condoms offer double safety. But only if they are used properly and are not damaged. Especially with simultaneous use of lubricant thus caution is advised. But what exactly condoms and lubricants you need?

Adult DatingIn times of safer sex make condoms is one of the most common methods of contraception. For applied correctly they not only protect against pregnancy, but also prevent the transmission of diseases like HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and infection with human papillomavirus, or chlamydia. This Condoms are available without a prescription in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and thicknesses. For example, thin condoms are effective with a wall thickness of only about 0.05 mm particularly natural feeling. Thicker condoms provide greater certainty, however, since they are less prone to cracking. Some condoms are also coated with a special, seed killing agent. But no matter what type of condom you choose, important in all condoms are always durability and seal to avoid unpleasant surprises occur.

If more moisture is needed.

Sometimes, however, problems during sex, especially when the natural moisture of the vagina is not sufficient to establish the penis with a condom can. And also during anal intercourse in every case, additional moisture is needed, as the intestine has not unlike the vagina has its own moisturizing possibility. In order here to avoid pain or even injury to help lubricant to reduce the friction during penetration. A variety of lubricants are available which, however, cannot always be used in conjunction with condoms. Caution is advised especially with latex condoms along with fat-soluble lubricants, since they can damage latex. It is possible that the smallest cracks in the condom result, the desired protection is no longer given. Suitable for use with latex condoms, however, are water-soluble lubricants and lubricants on water and silicone. For latex allergy also special polyurethane condoms are available which are more expensive than latex condoms, but can be used with all lubes.