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How harmful is noise for our health?

Silence is now become a luxury item. However, noise, especially in cities, is everywhere – and it can make you sick, as demonstrated by various studies.

Noise At Americans only 4,000 heart attacks per year happened due on road traffic noise. Number of international studies shows that noise is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Acute noise activates rise of the autonomic nervous system; Stress hormones, blood pressure and pulse. An indirect trigger is noise while an emotional stress reaction is a consequence just like discomfort. But in a direct way, it seems that exist interactions between the auditory system and other areas of the central nervous system. These are primarily responsible for the effects and occur of noise even with low levels.

Chronic noise even increases the risk of atherosclerosis the noise is increases blood pressure, lipids, glucose and blood viscosity can rise. This occurs even if the concerned person perceives the noise unaware, such as during sleep. Noise changed the structure of sleep, reduced deep sleep and REM sleep, leading to more frequent awakenings. Also stress reactions occur during sleep and are aggravated by noise. Than longer person lives in a noisy environment, the greater their risk for health problems.

Noise affects on children’s learning capacity.

Children in particular are susceptible to noise. An international study showed that when the schools are located on the noise district, learning and memory functions of primary school children are worsen. Even moderate background noise can interfere with the brain function of children.

Accordingly almost half of the population feel unpleasant due to noise from road traffic. In rail transport it is very irritable noise. Sounds of neighbors – such as blowers – are perceived good by 40 percent of respondents as impairment. All these facts underscore the need to keep the noise as far as possible in the external environment and in the internal, which mean personal, environment. But since every one can not move immediately or choose a quieter work environment, you should at least make sure thay you constantly create small rest and thus the body to take a break.