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And forever running nose – Children are cold in winter four times more likely

Especially parents of kindergarten children can sing a song about it: As soon as the common cold cured, already comes the next. Up to twelve infections per year are considered normal; in adults, there are just two to four. Why is that and can you prevent running nose and etc?

 Children are cold Reason why colds are more common during the autumn and winter months, while not directly the coldю Bystanders, however, this is not even: Low ambient temperatures and the warm heated air to dry out the delicate nasal membranes, making them more susceptible to infection from viruses and bacteria. Another explanation lies in the fact that one during the cold season, often in confined spaces in the fact – such as in kindergarten – resident and can therefore easily be infected. Adults throughout their lives by running many infections and are immune to the corresponding pathogen; the child’s immune system, in contrast, immature and has to learn to deal with viruses and bacteria. One consolation ie for all cold-stricken parents: Each rhinitis is a training session for the immune system of their child.

As strong as an ox defenses.

A lot of parents can not do to protect their children against infection. Important of course is a healthy diet, adequate, and if possible with fresh food. The recommendation “five a day”, that is to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, already applies to the smallest and ensures that the vitamin and mineral balance right. In addition, regular exercise strengthens the fresh air defenses.

However, equally important are regular rest periods: Who needs to rush in childhood from appointment to appointment, has stress, which is anything but conducive to the immune system. Also on adequate sleep during the night, in a well-ventilated room with a maximum of 18°C  room temperature, parents should look for. Of great importance for well-functioning immune system also is a smoke free environment.

When it’s time once again: Drinking, wrap, gargle.

The viruses that cause colds, unfortunately, do not fight each other. But what parents can do for their children is to alleviate the symptoms. It is particularly important, especially with fever, adequate fluid intake in the form of herbal teas or still mineral water. Sore throat help warm compresses with potatoes, onion or cheese; Older children can also gargle. Cough can be alleviated by inhalation, in the room hung wet wipes promote expectoration. If there is no improvement complaints even after several days, a doctor should be consulted. Finally, the still best medicine of all: love and time – for reading, cuddling and then it will quickly recover.