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Do not underestimate concussions

There is hardly anyone who has not experienced this. A fall, a blow, a strong bumping against the door and then it happened. Roars the head, dizziness and nausea set to the suspicion of a concussion is obvious. But what does this mean for those affected?

ConcussionsThe expert calls concussion, popularly it is known as concussion. It is a Concussion, even if only in the form easier. Mostly affects children and even infants can lead to such breach. This accident resulted notify the doctor in various degrees of severity. The Glasgow Coma Scale helps him. For this purpose, it queries the circumstances of the accident and then checks the response and memory of the patient. The smaller the patient, the more difficult the diagnosis may be. Therefore, paramedics and doctors are more cautious in young accident victims.

What happens during a concussion.

100 billion nerve cells in the brain provide for the transmission of stimuli. Too rapid movement of the skull shattered the delicate brain. Among the most important symptoms that also notice the laity, are changed behaviors. The victim may be confused, vomits and often complains of headaches. Children are difficult to comfort and unresponsive. In a concussion, there is also always the suspicion that a violation of the skull is present. Therefore, every suspicion should be presented to a doctor. In the hospital next to the skull and the spine is examined, because the typical trigger of a concussion can also drag the backbone affected.

Recognize danger and act properly.

The correct response to a possible concussion heard in the course of each 1st aid program. But expectant parents should be the possible triggers and symptoms once read up so that they react properly in an emergency. This includes bringing the victim in the recovery position if it is unconscious. This also applies to babies who are stabilized with a bolster. Babies with concussion can affect remarkably sleepy and quiet. That’s no reason to panic, but no clear. To avoid further shocks, it makes sense to call the baby ambulance, which makes a special sprung and so low-vibration ambulance for careful removal. Even in unconscious youth and adults of RTW must be called. It is too dangerous to transport an unconscious patient on their own and should be considered only in case of emergency ever considered. If the patient is conscious and alert, he is nevertheless immediately imagine a doctor. Until then, he should move as little as possible.