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Asthma, and often underestimated suffering

In US, nearly eight million people with asthma, a live mostly long-lasting disease of the airways affected. Here, asthma can almost always be stabilized by specific treatment measures and control by appropriate means itself is the motto of this year’s World Asthma Day on 05/07/2015.

AsthmaIt is estimated that 235 million worldwide suffer adults and children from bronchial asthma is rising. And although this number is not one hundred percent due to different diagnostic procedures and counting methods, but it is certain that asthma is an often underestimated disease that occurs mainly in the Western industrialized countries. So suffers in Georgia not even one percent of the population in bronchial asthma, while in the UK are affected more than ten percent of adults. And in US almost five percent of adults and nearly one in ten children are now diagnosed under 15 years of asthma. Thus, asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases, not only in US. An important role in the development of asthma seems to play the Western lifestyle. However, could yet no typical asthma factors are determined to promote the allergy risk and thus the occurrence of asthma.

When the airways are hypersensitive.

Exactly why some people develop asthma and others do not is not yet known. What is certain is that in addition to genetic predisposition, various risk factors for the development of asthma are responsible. In principle, therefore, forms of asthma distinction is made between two depending on the trigger. The so-called non-allergic asthma non specific stimuli such as stress, infections, chemical irritants or certain medications as possible triggers apply. However, the majority of those affected suffering from a form of allergic asthma, which usually develops from an existing allergy. Typical triggers are here hayfever and allergies to dust mites, animal dander or molds. The contact with the respective allergens can lead to the typical asthma attacks with dry cough, increased mucus production and shortness of breath. Some individuals may develop life-threatening bouts with acute dyspnea.

Living with asthma.

Since asthma is not currently incurable, the parties involved have to adjust to a life with their disease. The main objective is to avoid an asthma attack, because die annually in US  in unexpected asthma attacks more people than road accidents. To learn how to deal with the most chronic disease running, in addition to the family doctor and a pulmonologist especially specific asthma training offer support. This not only convey the knowledge of how an impending attack is detected and treated in time, but also how to avoid potential triggers and progression of the disease can be positively influenced by certain behavioral measures, regular exercise and a low-stress daily routine.