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Homeopathy against pollen allergy

Springtime is for many people at the same time the beginning of the hay fever season, because after the first warm days, the pollen are on the road again. To relieve acute symptoms and possibly avoid discomfort completely, put affected increasingly on natural ingredients. But really helps Homeopathic at a pollen allergy?

Pollen allergiesThe pollen allergy is by far the most common allergic reaction. Here, the immune system reacts sensitively to the information contained in the pollen of trees, shrubs, grasses and herbs proteins, which can lead to the typical symptoms of a pollen allergy as permanent cold, itching, watery or burning eyes to lesions or even asthma. In order to avoid pollen allergy, there is the possibility that allergens – that is, the pollen – avoid. For those affected, which means that they can not leave the house on sunny days. As this is only in rare cases is possible, many sufferers are looking for a different, free of side effects possible way to alleviate the symptoms or avoid.

Homeopathic against acute symptoms of the eyes, itching and allergic rhinitis.

More and more people discover and appreciate the homeopathy as a mild but effective alternative remedy. Especially since in allergy treatment sometimes gives the impression that medicine would to their limits. Put The cause of the allergy, the immune system can not be turned off. Furthermore, can cause unwanted side effects, many conventional medical drugs. In homeopathy, there is no standard remedy for certain diseases, the choice of the active ingredients always depends on the symptoms and the user. Thus, there are only a few so-called emergency funds that may be in acute symptoms of pollen allergy generally recommended. This includes, for example, Euphrasia, which relieves itchy and watery eyes. Also loofah count against a stuffy nose, sneezing against Galphimia Glauca, Arundo against itching and Allium cepa with a runny nose to the media commonly used. In addition to these homeopathic single remedies that must be especially selected and dosed, but there are also a number of complex remedies for relieving allergy complaints.

Homeopathy also suitable for the prevention.

In addition to the alleviation of acute symptoms of allergy different homeopathic agent for prophylaxis or treatment for constitution with a pollen allergy are suitable. As a prophylactic treatment for example, has proven itself in late autumn with the hyposensibilisierung acting Galphimia Glauca to alleviate the acute treatment together with the duration and severity of symptoms occurring. Can thus possibly over several season passes even the allergy tendency to be somewhat degraded total. Since it as mentioned in homeopathy but no standard therapy exists, a homeopathic first consultation is usually necessary first in which the disease is detected accurately and on the basis of the appropriate homeopathic remedy for a constitutional treatment can be selected.