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Avoid problems caused by house dust

House dust is used in rooms before, of course. It consists of many different materials, such as skin flakes, fibers of materials, bacteria, and their excretions and the typical sources of dust from the environment. As long as he is removed regularly, can he no serious risk to healthy people.

House dustAbout six grams of dust formed per square meter per day in each apartment. It does not matter whether it is office space or private homes. Dust from entering from the outside into the rooms, on the one hand through the window, on the other hand he is brought in from people and pets. If it is not removed, he clenched together. He thus reaches open, electrical sources, threatens fire. But dust is also fundamentally unhealthy because it contains so many pollutants. These include heavy metals and plasticizers. Seriously dangerous dust for people who react basically allergic to it. It is not always safe detectable substance to which they respond in the dust. In most cases, however, assume a reaction to the excrements of house dust mite.

The allergy to house dust.

The allergy to house dust mite allergic diseases is one of the most written about. Experts warn that now every 10th American citizens is concerned with increasing trends. Since dust can not be avoided, there is no season. Thus, the reactions occur throughout the year and affecting mostly children. In fact, they react to the proteins contained in the faeces of house dust mite. When these proteins are inhaled, strong cold symptoms are the first indications of an allergic reaction that can develop into asthmatic symptoms even. The presence of the mite is typical in human environment and not a sign of uncleanliness. For non-allergenic, it is completely safe.

Help to house dust.

Severely affected with allergies, it helps keep the street clothes from the bedroom and keep the room temperature constant at 20°C. Who takes a shower before going to bed, and wash the dust from the skin and from the hair. The more loaded with mite dust is stirred up, the worse for allergy sufferers. Therefore, high-quality vacuum cleaners are indispensable. As the mites fabrics and upholstery appreciate, it may be useful to provide the materials with other surfaces. However, caution is necessary because not all the advertising promises to fulfill its purpose. Good contacts are health insurance companies. Above all sleeping rooms should be free of animals and plants, is also regular, thorough ventilation important. Carpets are not allergic households, for smooth surfaces can better keep free of dust. Bedding must be replaced several times a week. Abrasive cleaners, allergies can even increase are to be avoided. For allergic households are environmentally friendly steam cleaners are ideal.