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Bach Flowers – Harmony for the soul

Developed by Edward Bach – Bach Flower Therapy is an alternative medical procedure for producing or maintaining an inner balance. Although these alternative medical therapy is not scientifically recognized, it is popular as gentle healing method and particularly by so-called “Rescue Drops” are now well known.

Bach Flowers British physician Edward Bach claims that diseases are the direct result of an imbalance between soul and body. But disbalance can be restored by harmonious effect of different flowers or maintain as preventive measure. From the total of 37 essences you can create a customized solution for yourself. Pickled or boiled in water flowers, and the addition mountain spring water, selected and combined depending on the personality and life situation usually recommended for use. Besides the choice of flowers based on their effect, it is also known as “spontaneous” method, and be considered in the intuitive two vials. Bach Flower Therapy was made famous by the “Rescue Drops” to help in coping with stressful experiences and now used also in case of animals.

Come drop by drop to rest.

Most known kits from Rescue Drops – First Aid drops or Rescue Remedy, it is a combination of flower essences of Clematis, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, balsam (Impatiens) and Cherry Plum. These flowers help to keep calm, reduce anxiety and after a traumatic experience to find yourself again. Since the worst side effect of Bach Flowers is there ineffectiveness, they can also be applied to small children.

The term “emergency” her refers, only temporary mental states in emergency. Under no circumstances may the essences replace conventional therapy with physical shock states. Also against persistent psychological problems no bloom is still growing.