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Migraine: recognize triggers and actively counter the pain

Nearly 10 million people in US suffer from migraine, including significantly more women than men. However, the migraine attack is not helpless, because there are effective treatments and preventive measures to deal with the pain.

MigraineKnown as migraine headache form is manifested by paroxysmal attacks of pain, which usually occur on one side. The trigger for such a migraine attack that goes through various phases, so-called trigger factors apply. Known examples are certain foods such as chocolate, red wine, or flavor enhancers glutamine. However, stress, hormonal fluctuations and external stimuli such as sunlight or noise may trigger a migraine attack. Here the attack at about 10 to 15% of all those affected by a preceding phase, which is characterized by certain neurological symptoms such as tingling in the body or flickering or flashing lights before the eyes. The majority of those affected from a migraine attack, announced only by a preliminary phase about hyperactivity or fatigue and exhaustion. Thereafter begins the actual pain phase, sometimes slowly subsides after several days and is excreted in recreation and recovery phase.

Treatment and prevention of migraine

Although migraine is not curable, severity and frequency of attacks can be positively influenced by appropriate measures. It also triptans come in the acute stage alongside various painkillers used. In addition, of course, known trigger factors should be avoided. Even cold compresses and the retreat in a quiet, cool, darkened rooms is often beneficial. However, in order to influence the severity and frequency of attacks sustainably, you need several long-term measures such as training, relaxation exercises or behavioral therapy. Sometimes even a permanent medication, such as beta-blockers, shall be displayed. However under no circumstances should constantly be taken painkillers, as these cause long-term headache.