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Basal insulin: You eat it, when you want!

More and more Americans ill with diabetes commonly called metabolic disorder diabetes mellitus. An unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise and obesity in younger people are increasingly affected and as subsequently suffer from Type 2 diabetes. If treatment with insulin necessary, then use modern therapies on a two-phase replacement of the missing hormone insulin after the so-called basal-bolus principle.

Basal insulinIn congenital or acquired insulin-dependent diabetes the body lacks the ability to self-produce the pancreatic hormone – insulin , which transports the glucose derived from food into the cells. The lack of this hormone can have life-threatening consequences and lead to the so-called diabetic coma, the unnaturally high sugar content of the blood vessels and organs can cause damage. The supply of insulin in blood sugar levels can be kept at a healthy level and glucose metabolism are normalized. Those who concerned with conventional insulin therapy to maintain solid meals, can in operating with a basal insulin modern methods choose timing and quantity of meals freely.