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Travelers diarrhea, a common disease in time of long-distance travel

Everyone dreams of a long journey and about recovering under the palm trees or an adventure holiday. The adventure can also quickly become an unwelcome surprise. Especially when traveling to Africa and Southeast Asia, the risk of developing diarrhea, particularly high.

DiarrheaCause of traveler’s diarrhea, also known as Montezuma’s Revenge in the vernacular is increasingly an unusual for us. When you in the holiday in Central Europe there is lesser standard of hygiene, so that pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, or rarely parasites are popular. And from unsuspecting travelers can catch some diseases including from food or drinks. This gives rise to the first symptoms just hours or a few days after contact. Countermeasures should be taken at the latest, not later than you will find that, is unformed stool, which occurs more frequently than three times a day. Often with this associated with poor appetite, flatulence and malaise. In rare, severe cases, however, fever, abdominal cramps or blood in the stool can be added so that a physician is required.

What can you do against travelers diarrhea?

In the predominantly occurring mild form of travel diarrhea symptoms usually disappear after a few days. Few simple actions help you prevent dehydration and loss of balance to prevent subsequently occurring circulatory problems. The adequate intake of liquid (carbonated mineral water or herbal teas appropriate) combined with special electrolyte solutions is the basic measure for diarrhea of various origins. In the food should also be paid to light and low-fat diet . If diarrhea keeps more than five days or more are added symptoms, a doctor should be consulted for an accurate diagnosis. Basically tips when traveling overseas to prevent traveler’s diarrhea:

  • Only eat what cooked, peeled or cooked
  • Dispense with ice cubes
  • Do not drink tap water
  • Drink cold drinks only from itself opened cans or bottles
  • Wash thoroughly before each meal hands

A well stocked medicine cabinet can also help in the short term travelers diarrhea.