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Bath products for baby’s skin

The baby is just born and already the young mother is overwhelmed with more or less helpful advice. Especially first-time mothers know the problem. In this case, there are many tips to be viewed critically – this includes the choice of an appropriate bath products for baby’s skin.

Baby bathWhat can withstand the skin of children depends on many factors. First, the age of the child is crucial. In addition, sensitivities, and ultimately also the season. The leisure behavior is important. A baby who experimented in sandpit with water, needs more cleaning than the baby, stacked wooden blocks. The optimum bath temperature is 36-38 degrees Celsius. In each Babybad necessarily include a high-quality and safe baby thermometer. Before swimming, the water must be “stirred” in order to ensure a uniform temperature.

What does a baby’s skin?

Baby skin is very delicate. With dirt they will come normally less in touch, but probably with the irritating substances of their own excrement. A gentle cleansing is taken for granted. Healthy baby skin regenerates quickly and can easily be cleaned with warm water. Additional creams are necessary only in case of injuries or redness. Caution should be exercised with powders that can dry out the skin. Of course, the baby must be bathed in a warm environment and be dried carefully afterwards. Especially in the first weeks of a dabbing skin is much gentler than the dry rub, what young children brings to laugh. Babies love and need the touch of hands. Instead of the baby so apply sunscreen, also cry baby calm down quickly when they are stroked gently after bathing. Above all, abdomen, legs and arms are receptive. The skin is also an important signal generator for incompatibilities. Join lesions on, the baby should be better by a doctor immediately. It checks whether it is an infectious disease or an allergic reaction to detergent.

The baby’s skin in different seasons.

In summer and winter the baby’s skin is exposed to particular stresses. In summer, the baby will enjoy bathing especially sure. As long as the skin is rosy and feels equally warm, the baby should be happy splashing. Bath then include better in water. Should parents but opt for a soft foam, the skin must be rinsed with clear water. In winter, the skin may be particularly dry. This is mainly due to the heating air. Usually, the skin takes over the water while bathing on enough moisture. An additional applying lotion after a bath may be necessary for very sensitive babies though. Here too oily bath to soothe the skin are.