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Can animal fats affect brain activity?

Too many saturated fatty acids in the diet can lead to a slowdown of brain activity. This is the result of a new study by the University.Animal fats

By using animal experiments, the researchers had examined how a calorie equal inclusion of canola oil and milk fat on blood sugar levels, physical activity, the activity of the brain and sleep behavior affects. It was found that the consumption of animal fats urge to move and sleep negatively altered. In addition, the supply of large amounts of milk fat led to increased blood sugar levels and insulin.

Also corresponding changes in the brain of mice examined in the study can be found based on imaging procedures. It turned out that those brain regions that are responsible for the feeling of satiety, memory and movement behavior in the mice took a lot of fat to be slowed worked. The researchers attributed this to the high proportion of saturated fatty acids in milk fat. Apparently acting these fatty acids negative effect on the activity of the brain and as a result also to other parameters such as physical activity and sleep patterns.

Unsaturated fats do not cause brain damage.

In the mice who received their fat intake predominantly in the form of rapeseed oil, there was no negative changes in the brain. For weight gain, however, it was immaterial whether the mice took the calories from unsaturated (rapeseed oil) or saturated fat to be. Both groups reported during the study on obesity. But although the mice that attended predominantly unsaturated fatty acids to be down weight, they remain physically active and did not have disturbed sleep. They also reported no change in blood glucose levels.

That different fatty acids may have an impact on the performance of the brain is different, though for some time suspected, but so far there was little reliable evidence. This study presents here an important step in the research is. Known and well on the other hand has long been that unsaturated fatty acids play an important role in the development of embryonic and infantile brain. Especially pregnant women should pay attention to adequate intake of these fats. Saturated fatty acids are present mainly in meat, sausage and fatty dairy products. Unsaturated fatty acids are found mainly in high-quality oils such as canola, flax or olive oil and in nuts, avocados and fish.