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Can pure oxygen relieve cluster headaches?

There are 176 different types of headaches. Cluster headaches are the worst among of them. Pure oxygen can alleviate pain effectively.cluster headaches

BFor many years, experts recommend the inhalation of pure oxygen at cluster headaches. Since 1999, the cost of the therapy be paid by health insurance. Nevertheless, their effectiveness is far known to all physicians and affected patients. A study by researchers from London and San Francisco has now provided the most compelling evidence to date for the benefit of oxygen therapy. This is likely to increase the acceptance of the therapy.

Cluster headaches are among the worst headache. Although they are very rare, but especially agonizing. Female patients report that labor pains are easier to endure. Many sufferers are even so desperate that they commit suicide. The attacks occur in sudden attacks on one side of the head behind the eye, in the temple or in the forehead. The pain can last from 15 minutes to three hours. Normal painkillers don’t work here. Mostly are cluster headaches with triptans, which are actually approved for the treatment of migraine, treated. However, this act does not always and often have severe side effects.

78 percent of patients were pain-free after 15 minutes.

In the study with 76 adults, which was published in the journal JAMA, the cluster headaches the patient could be relieved within 15 minutes by the inhalation of pure oxygen at almost four-fifths. The study participants used the oxygen therapy by breathing masks at home long. The study participants used the oxygen therapy by breathing masks at home long. Patients should use the containers in four consecutive attacks alternately. It showed that 78 percent of patients were pain free by the inhalation of oxygen after 15 minutes. Side effects occurred in any case.

Why exactly pure oxygen in cluster headaches is effective, could not be fathomed without doubt far. It is believed, however, that the vessels are placed closely in the brain by about enriching the blood with oxygen. This can eliminate the pain, or at least reduce. Critical to the effectiveness of oxygen therapy is to apply it as soon as they start a pain attack. A later initiation of therapy often does not show the desired effect.