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Cardiovascular training – at any age a plus for fitness

Cardiovascular training is a lot of people from my school days as  “interval training”  in memory. The modern version of drudgery with medicine balls and push-ups on the climbing wall has long been  takes place in the gym or outside in nature. Modern cardiovascular or cardio exercise at any age brings an increase in fitness.

fitness at any ageThe cardio workout includes several practice sessions with increased stress and rest. The pulse-breath values are increased for a while targeted. Because this is associated with movement, created a training effect for bones, joints and muscles. The body receives incentives for adaptation to new requirements – regardless of the life support.
With a little patience and mental stamina for several weeks to reach as:

  • Improved cardiac performance
  • A robust cardiovascular system
  • Added mobility and stability in bones, muscles and joints
  • More well-being through better sleep, weight loss and muscle building

Suitable sports.

In principle, suitable for cardio exercise all sports, the advantage of the muscle power over a certain period of time. For several weeks are lungs, heart, circulation and the entire energy metabolism adapt to the new requirements.

Sports such as:

  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming

Serve the cardiovascular training. The gym special equipment is available on which especially leg work is done about bicycle ergometer. Even if the initial difficult: targeted out of breath to get it all prerequisite for extra stamina and health.

Age equivalent training body – “Accessories” from the pharmacy.

Depending on the overall condition are recommended older “newcomers” to the cardiovascular workout a stress test with a doctor and a very slow training design. This ensures that everything on heart rate: The value 220 minus the age, such as 50, resulting in a maximum heart rate of 170 per minute. Multiplying this value now with 0.6 or 0.8, the target of 60 to 80 percent of maximal oxygen uptake to a desired target heart rate 102-136 beats per minute calculated. It should now be maintained for 5, 10 or about 30 minutes later.

As long as you can still communicate easily during exercise, the intensity level is ideal. If you want to know more, acquires in the pharmacy a heart rate monitor. Special nutritional supplements can sustainably and effectively demonstrated in combination with the right amount of exercise capacity, resilience and regeneration improve. At least three exercise sessions per week are ideal: while beginners feel just five minutes as an effort to stretch the experienced stress intervals gradually to more than 30 minutes. Shorter, more frequent training two or three times a week are much more effective than a once-weekly prolonged stress, bring less muscle soreness, but new forces, a stable healthy cardiovascular system and good humor.